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COD was the one game you could guarantee would have people online at any time of the day. With ghosts the only game mode i can play most the time is Team Death Match. Its a real shame that some bad technical issues and lack of decent anti-cheat support from a very lazy developer have held this title back as its a really nice game on all other accounts. I either need to wait for titanfall or find another online FPS to get my fast paced shooter fix: Showing 1 - 15 of 40 comments.

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CoD Ghosts in 2018...

Satoru View Profile View Posts. You can change your download region in steam which will affect how the matchmaking works. Originally posted by Furyan:. So, if that happens HERE, then what do you expect elsewhere? Anim View Profile View Posts. All I've been playing since Nemesis came out was the Nemesis maps.

I've finally found where you can turn the dlc off. Last edited by weedian ; 13 Sep, 4: I didn't get any games for about 4 days straight and searching around forums on and off steam it was impossible to get a straight answer about turning off or uninstalling the dlc but one guy helped heaps on an activition forum. He's been complaning to steam and activition but had no success. I even bought black ops 2 when i couldn't get games because i needed my call of duty fix.

'We're trying a more organic new style of design'

I can't gamble on buying all four just to unistall them lol. Last edited by weedian ; 13 Sep, 5: Nalydyenlo View Profile View Posts. Load time improvements for Flooded, Strikezone, Warhawk. Fixed a couple bots related performance issues. Fixed loss of functionality issue that would occur when two crates were stacked if player attempted to capture bottom crate. Fixed rare case of incorrect bot display amount in Private match. Anti-Cheat Prevent players from using more loadouts than normal. Adjusted reload times on L and USR.

Added killstreak count to eSports scoreboard. Improvements to MLG Broadcast mode for highlighted players. Added Domination flag capture bar to Broadcast mode. Added R3 to toggle enemy player outlines in Broadcast mode. Added ability to select players when mini-map is enlarged in eSports. Fixed FOV issue that occurred in Broadcast mode. Fixed functionality issue that occurred if both thumbsticks were pressed while spectating a mantling player. Fixed issue which kept eSports rules enabled after losing internet connection.

Add notification when spectated player gets a kill in Broadcast mode.

Bought the DLC? well no games for you! :: Call of Duty: Ghosts - Multiplayer General Discussions

Fixed text overlap bug that occurred when mini-map was enlarged. Better team identification in the MLG hud. Fixed killfeed color bug that occurred for spectators. Prevent crashes when COD Caster changed teams quickly. Restrict Ghillie Suits when eSports rules enabled replaces with different game models.

Add a kill feed to Broadcaster mode. Added team names to in-game scoreboard for Broadcast mode. Restrict Tracker Sights in eSports rules. Restrict Danger Close in eSports rules.

'Dynamic maps won't always mean destruction'

Additional Broadcast mode fixes better team identification in the HUD, simplified Scoreboard toggle, etc. Additional Fixes Adjusted difficulty of slide based operations. Search and Destroy bomb plant and defuse timers no longer wait for the weapon swap before starting. Fixed matchmaking issue in Squads. Display new icon in Operations when re-rolling Operations. Fixed rare cases of losing Sentry Gun killstreak when killed while placing. Menu fix for Operations. Fixed bug that would show improper time value in match countdown timer.

Maniac, Juggernaut Recon and the Michael Myers are invisible to tracker and thermal sights. Fixing bug where the playercards in Squad Reports were only updated if you went into the friends list or squad mode first.

Defaults loadouts correctly reflect the actual loadout in Private match. Free For All scoreboard adjustment. Fixed Trinity Rocket cancellation issue.

Call of Duty: Ghosts patch will change the way you play

MP Lobby improvement for Character Display. Combat Knife stats accuracy improvement. Fixed friends list shuffle that would occur for clans that had members across platforms. Killcam no longer goes underground on Warhawk. Improved audio ambient system in Multiplayer. Fixed Squads issue that would change mode icon when playing with a split screen guest. Fixed core playlist selection reset issue. Private match loadout bug fix.

Additional customization options added for Infected in Private match. Improvements to Infected game mode. Optimization to generic UI elements. Fixed issue that could occur when squad member had specialist set as streak reward.