Behringer cx2310 hookup

Cabling will depend on what you ultimately choose to do. But, you'll at least need a mic cable to go from the B-1 to the power supply or a mixer. God bless you Instructions 1 Plug one end of a shielded input cable into the mixer's main output, and the other end into the crossover's input.

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Consult the owner's manual of all components for specific details and recommendations. The connections are now complete.

I had a like problem with a crown amp. I found it was in the amp settings , nothing to do with the mixer set up.

Behringer SUPER-X PRO CX2310 Manuals

We had it a mono setting. Take a look at your amp set up book, i'll almost bet thats where the problem is. First let's clean this up. All that stat stuff is just clutter.

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According to the manuals, particularly the one for the sv's. Can you please update this with the mixer that you are using? With the make and model of the mixer, I can provide you with a connection description. Since each mixer will have different labeling and options, it is not possible for me to accurately describe the connections without hte make and model.

You need to be sure that the turntable is connected to a phono input. I'm not sure if your mixer has one.

Behringer Super-X Pro CX2310 User Manual

If not, you need to have a phono pre-amp between the turntable and the line input on the mixer. Not finding what you are looking for?

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Problem is it clips and goes off when volume is up to about 1: I compared to it my other same speaker and there's a big difference of volume between the two although both are set to same levels. Has worked fine in past. Now pan does nothing. If I put pan in center I get decreased volume and distortion.. Behringer cx super-x pro Ask a Question Usually answered in minutes! Rob Beech Level 2 Expert 61 Answers. The Knight Level 3 Expert Answers. I've been using the sub output as I don't run my subs in stereo.

Besides the issue I described I also had been thinking of going tri-amped but if there is no true crossover between the low outputs and the subwoofer output that won't be possible with this crossover. Well, you can always run true 3 way MONO overall with that crossover. Also you could run stereo into the crossover, run high out to each side tops in stereo and just use ONE low out to the mono subs.

It works fine, did it with that same crossover before. That doesn't work any better than using the subwoofer out with the subwoofer frequency set full up. That's what I've been doing. What I wanted to try was to send the lowest freqs my subs can't handle out the "sub out" not connected to anything and use the "low outs" for the subs but this crossover doesn't seem to filter out the freqs going to the "sub out" from the "low outs" - the "sub out" is just an adjustable LPF being fed by the sum of the "low outs".

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I expected that there was a true crossover between the "low outs" and "sub out" but no joy. Seems pretty useless to me. It appears it didn't work from new, but when I first used it I never needed it. I notice you say: The manual for this is not very clear, unusual for Behringer IMO. The CX has a comprehensive manual online The "mode" switch was in Stereo 3 way operation. This may be to do with the amps, not the cross over. If so, then check that the low amp is set up for stereo.

Diagram to connect behringer cx to a mixer amp - Fixya

Some amps have a switch to link one input to both sides, or will only have one input if running in bridged mode. With the power amps, the multicore and the desk all out of the equation and not having tested the crossover since getting it from the shop, something I'll do for sure next time, I could only think that it was the crossover.

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