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With her voluminous hair puffed up and sculpted like a huge black halo around her pretty face, Staceyann Chin, a New York resident and Jamaican National, makes an arresting agenda of gender with "Litany of Desire," and "Passing" for straight.

Dating Myself Was The Best Rebound I’ve Ever Had

Brooklynite Lemon, can't keep his command of street smarts from informing gutsy poems like "County of Kings," and "Shine," about the swim of a black man surviving the Titanic. There is turbulence beneath the gentle delivery of Palestinian-American Suhier Hammad, who isn't comfortable with labels as in "Exotic" " Self worth is explored by rapping dynamo Black Ice in " Days in the Life," while self-doubt and rage are given strenuous workouts by Steve Colman in "But," and "Terrorist Threat," respectively. But, my favorite poet, perhaps because of his body language, would have to be Chinese-American Beau Sia, whose lithe torso belies his combative personality and ferocious delivery of "The Asians Are Coming, The Asians Are Coming," and other comforting issues.

There is genuine dramatic excitement hearing these skilled performing poets of attitude recite their poems either alone, in duets, trios, or as a company, in a theater filled with attentive listeners who hang on every word. The only thing more to say is that Bruce Ryan's simply classy set design serves the artists as do the funky and grungy garb. So let these terrific award-winning poets win you over.

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Sometimes, I feel I love love. A parent has to anticipate these needs.

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The only thing the child does is cry. As a parent, you need to figure out what this particular cry means, whenever it happens. The child grows steadily and their vocabulary is limited to: That, my friend, is the intuitive nature of parenting gained from panic, trial and error, constant observation, coupled with prayers and frustrated self talk. Enough with the babies though. Not just in a romantic way; friends, siblings, strangers; people who can read your mood and address them before you say a word.

Tucker Bryant - "Facts About Myself" (NPS 2015)

Some of us cried for everything, and for nothing. I felt like I lost myself.

And when I was finally starting to heal, when I finally felt I could let someone in again, I dealt with rejection yet again and quite frankly, I thought I was the biggest loser on the planet. And the saddest part was, I was so ready to finally go on a date after a really long time, only to find out, no one really wanted to go on a date with me.

Dating Myself | BU Today | Boston University

Who needs a guy anyway? All I had to do was enjoy myself. Dating myself is great because I can plan my escapades and just go do what I want to do.