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In all fairness it may have more to do with the poor booking of Dillinger since he arrived on SmackDown Live. Away from the ring though it would seem that the former NXT star has a pretty great life, mainly because of who is waiting for him at home. Dillinger is dating one half of the Iconic Duo Peyton Royce. Presumably the two of them met while they were both in NXT. Royce must be due a main roster call up soon and judging by what WWE has done with couples in the past she will likely be on Raw while her boyfriend remains on SmackDown Live.

Pretty much all wrestling fans likely wish that Eddie Guerrero was still with us. Who knows what heights his career could have reached if he hadn't have passed away when he did. Plus while she was there she met the man who would become her future husband Matt Rehwoldt, although you probably know him better as SmackDown Live Superstar Aiden English.

The two met in NXT and got engaged in December There are still together to this day and have since married, making English an official member of the Guerrero family. For those of you unfamiliar with Shafir because she isn't a wrestler, you might have recognized her in the front row of the Mae Young Classic. WWE and Impact Wrestling are crossing paths more than we ever thought they would in the present day.

The former United States Champion is currently dating someone who still works for the enemy! Her name is Chelsea Green, although frequent viewers of Impact Wrestling we know you're out there somewhere will know her better as Laurel Van Ness. The two of them have been an item for a little under a year now and who knows, perhaps their relationship could lead to one of them leaving their current employers to join their rivals. That came to what we can only assume was a messy end since Morgan posted some not so cryptic social media posts suggesting that the former Cruiserweight Champion had been cheating on her.

What you might not know is that now Morgan has seemingly moved on to another cruiserweight, the first ever United Kingdom Champion Tyler Bate. It started with some pretty public flirting between the two on Twitter and now the Superstars have been pictured together quite a few times. Morgan could definitely do better than Amore and it seems as if she has done already with Bate. In fact both of them are Superstars on the show and before they signed with WWE they actually wrestled each other on the independent scene, not many husband and wife pairings can say that. While there are quite a few wrestler pairings in the industry, many of which we will cover in this article, there probably aren't any more beloved right now than Gargano and Lerae.

The two of them just seem to be the nicest people you could ever hope to meet, both inside and outside of the ring.

20 WWE SuperStars Who Are Dating Now 2018 [HD]

They're currently tagging together from time to time on live events, here's hoping that transfers to some televised shows some time in the near future. Seth Rollins last relationship came to a pretty rough end. That's embarrassing enough but even worse when you find out that Rollins was with someone else at the time. When his actual girlfriend found out she decided to get revenge by leaking some of the former WWE Champion's private photos. Following that saga Rollins dated Schreiber for a little while but is now with someone completely unrelated to that whole mess Sarah Alesandrelli. A clean slate for Seth and someone who is completely unrelated to the wrestling business.

Probably for the best really. Plus she is pretty easy on the eyes to boot! Like almost anything that enjoys success on television, in sport, or in Hollywood there are a litany of people behind the scenes putting a lot of the work in that we rarely see. That is exactly the case for the women's revolution that continues to rage on in WWE.

While the female Superstars on the roster are perhaps the most talented bunch the business has ever seen, there are people in the company who are partly responsible for them being that good. Sarah Del Ray is one of those people.

Daniel Bryan & Brie Bella

If you know her then you might know that she has a boyfriend who's pretty good at wrestling too, Cesaro. If they stick together just imagine the level of wrestling ability their future children will likely have.

John Cena & Nikki Bella

Buddy Murphy's WWE career has recently received a much needed injection. Now he is competing on Live and at the time of typing this is in the quarter finals of the tournament to crown a new Cruiserweight Champion. The two of them met at developmental and started dating. In fact they are still together to this day, despite being on different shows for almost two years, and are currently engaged to be married.

A couple of years ago Matt Hardy took the wrestling world by storm by introducing us to something we had never seen anything like before and something we didn't know we even wanted, The Broken Universe. It was insane, entertaining and it featured an entire cast of supporting characters. One of those characters was Matt's real life wife, Reby Hardy. If you have followed along with the saga from Impact Wrestling and into WWE you'll know that you would be hard pushed to find a more supportive spouse than Reby, both inside or outside the world of professional wrestling.

Matt fought tooth and nail to bring the Broken gimmick to WWE and Reby fought every second of that fight right along with him. WWE are currently in the business of trying to recruit any and all of the best talent from pro wrestling's independent circuit. After spending so much time on the indies before making it to WWE it's understandable that Cole met his potential life partner there, Britt Baker. In reality, Owens is a devoted family man who has been married to his wife for 10 years now. The couple thus far has two children, one of whom is a son named after Owen Hart.

How any members of the family react to Owens repeatedly beating the hell out of family friend Sami Zayn is unclear, let alone how they respond to any of his other jerkish behavior. Do you know Kevin's wife's name? Regardless of how he feels about their employment, what is Maria's husband's name? That said, only a select few of these women have been lucky enough to become Mrs.

Back when he was merely a promising lawyer, Otunga met a former American Idol contestant turned Academy Award winning actress and fell in love, getting engaged in Directly fighting against the establishment is definitely one way to get disenfranchised woman to take an interest in a guy, and this is just one of the tools CM Punk used to attract cadres of female fans in the WWE Universe.

This has infamously included a large number of his co-workers, at least if rumors are to be believed, anyway. Which fellow former WWE superstar is Punk's wife? As his theme song proudly boasts, Shawn Michaels was able to wow female fans all around the world, and this somehow held true even if those ladies happened to chose Nitro over Raw.

For roughly two decades, Hulk Hogan was the biggest icon in professional wrestling, and he remains one of the most notable performers the industry has ever seen to this day. However, his stock has dropped considerably in recent years due to accusations of racism, which came concurrent to a sex tape, and not long after an extremely costly and high profile divorce. As usual, the Hulkster was able to summon the power of Hulkamania in his personal life and rebound, meeting a much younger woman who would soon become his second wife.

Who is the current Mrs. Way back when Naomi was merely strutting her stuff as a Funkadactyl, male members of the WWE Universe were taking notice of her considerable talents and assets, and many have celebrated at the revelation she might actually be able to back it all up in the ring. Of course, her husband probably believed in her all along. Which wrestler from a famous dynasty is Naomi's husband? Given his size alone, The Big Show could be cast off as another Brock Lesnar or Rusev, who frightens potentially dating prospects away on first glance.

The Big Show has found at least two women for whom this holds true, the first an ex-wife he divorced after five years. He married the second in , and they remain together to this day. What is The Big Show's wife's name? Despite this glamorous background, the woman would also prove herself more than extreme enough to hang with Dreamer through some of the bloodiest ECW matches in history. Which extreme diva now calls herself Mrs.

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Even years after that promotion went out of business, the feat sounds impressive, especially when Booker screams it in his trademark way. The WWE success that followed only cemented his legacy and status as a catch, and Booker coincidentally became single around the same time he switched companies. Who is Booker T's wife? Which of the following women is Kofi married to? From the moment she won the Divas Search, Eve Torres set out to reclaim what that title meant by becoming the first winner to actually find continued success in WWE. While a few prior participants had achieved some flash in the pan style fame, Torres was actually able to stick around for a few years, three times becoming the WWE Divas Champion.

Part of what made Torres stand out could have been related to skills imparted upon her by her husband, not a wrestler, but rather a member of a legendary MMA family. What is Eve's husband's name? What is Sasha's husband's ring name? This was long before Nakamura revamped his persona to include references to his favorite pop stars, yet women were already falling in love with this incredibly talented young superstar from his early days in the business. That faded away when a certain ex-boyfriend fell out of the picture, but a woman like Stacy had no trouble rebounding with her equally impressive husband.

Who is Keibler married to?

During the Cruiserweight Classic, her man was on stand-by should any competitor had been injured, and he auditioned for Tough Enough at least once back when that show was around. This is the best explanation we can come up for as to why a woman would choose to live her life alongside noted bully and consummate heel John Bradshaw Layfield, though his millions of dollars might help.

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